Please call the office to make sure your chosen date and time are available Before making your payment as we have a strict NO REFUND POLICY

First Communion and Confirmation are completed with a 6 month course. We follow the Catholic Catechism, our courses are designed to help kids and adults keep up with their extra curricular activities and still accomplish their sacraments. 


Due at time of registration:
Childs Birth Certificate
Godparents I.d.’s
$75.00 donation

Attend Mass twice before the baptism

Mass times:
10:00 am in English
12:00 pm in Spanish

Baptism Date & Time
First Saturday of every month
Class at 10:00am
Baptism @ 11:00am

First Communion and Confirmation

 Debido al momento de la inscripción:
Acta de nacimiento del niño
75.00 donación
identificación de padrinos

Asistir a misa dos veces antes del bautismo

Horario de Misa
10:00 am in English
12:00 pm en Español

Fecha y Horario de Bautismo:
El primer sábado de cada mes
Clase a las 12:00pm
Bautismo a las 1:00pm

Living Grace provides sacraments for our community following the liturgical guidelines set by the Catholic Church. With these teachings we aim to help you find an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.