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Interested in Ordination?


The Sacrament of Holy Orders is a calling to service in the Lord, a way to live out the love relationship with God that feeds our spirit and allow us in return to serve humanity with the same love, changing the world together.

If you hear the call, God will show you the way and provide you the path to follow. A vocation to serve the Lord is not a career path, or a decision you make based on talents or natural attributes you may have, it is a way of life of selfless service, of commitment, knowing that you were chosen to do His work, and the life you have is not yours but His. A life you can live in this world but not belonging to it.

After a period of discernment and prayer, contact us via email to schedule a telephonic interview and to obtain an application and:

• Complete the application, attach all education credentials and or certificates, and a recent photo.

• A person who seeks ordination must be at least 21 years of age. There is no maximum age.

• A university degree is preferable but not mandatory.

• All applicants must agree to a background check.

• A written letter of request for reception as a candidate for Holy Orders.

• A letter of affirmation from the petitioner's wife, if married.

• The Vicar General will conduct a telephonic interview.

• After the interview a background check will be completed.

• Upon completion of the background check the application will be approved and a mentor/spiritual director will be assigned.

• Candidates accepted into the Seminary will follow a study plan of formation leading to ordination and a degree will be awarded. (Bachelor or Master in Theology) The course of studies will have a start and a tentative end dates.

• The seminarian will complete study work at his own pace. (Usually 2 years depending on the education level)

• As part of the formation process all seminarians are expected to attend the yearly Synod where practical tests will be administered and practical instruction will be received.

• You may also be required to undergo a psychological examination, at your own expense before ordination, if during the application, interview or formation process, indication comes to light about your emotional and psychological state that potentially would affect your ability to serve in the capacity of a Deacon or Priest.

Following Catholic Tradition you will first be ordained a Deacon. After a period of time and further formation, you will be ordained a Priest.

Single or married, our clergy are not employed by the Church nor do we receive any remuneration for our services in the form of a paycheck. In the footsteps of the apostles, each individual earns a living in secular employment. But if you are able to support yourself financially by meeting the objectives of the church, you are certainly welcome to do so.

The decision for ordination will be made only by the Bishop with the recommendation of the Seminary Council.

Ordinations to the Diaconate and Priesthood shall take place in a setting of public worship, preferably at the candidate's home parish or ministry, or at the yearly Synod.

We welcome men who aspire to be a religious brother, deacon, or priest, in active ministry in a parish, or in a more contemplative role, in a healing ministry, in education, pastoral counseling, youth work, senior residences, law enforcement or hospital chaplaincy, and even as a worker priests on the job. There are many possibilities and types of ministry and we can assist you finding your call during the formation process.

It is our commitment to provide the right environment for growth and development, and our Seminary has a very experienced and caring faculty, as well as a very dedicated staff that will make your formation experience very pleasant and rewarding.

If you are already in Holy Orders and are seeking incardination, you need to complete the application process, take our Orientation Course for the Old Catholic Apostolic Church. If you are under spiritual authority of another Bishop, you need a release from that Bishop.

Priesthood is a fellowship of those called and dedicated to the Lord and His service. We welcome you to pray and let His Spirit guide you.


For more information or to begin the application process 
please call us at (915)261-3369 or email Livinggrace.ocac@gmail.com